Ms S Edwards

Ammar Butt has been most helpful! From the start of January he has been very accessible, diligent, and dependable when it comes to me and my legal needs.


I have never used an attorney/ lawyer before and he made it look so easy. He had explain in many details on what is required and what I should do on my end. He listened to my needs and gave great advice and instructions on how to excite my situation.


He was very patient with me, always answered my questions and gave me objective counsel I knew I could trust.


Thank you very much for the outcome. 

Mrs M Deveson

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service that Priyanka Kumar of Barnes Solicitors provided me. Very friendly and helpful. They informed me of every action being taken and nothing was too much trouble for them. I would highly recommend them.

Miss V Sommariva

I have reached out to get your service after over a year of continuous frustration and unsuccessful calls to my landlord. 

Within weeks of contacting you, I felt the issue was being addressed by the landlord and all I had to do was providing evidence to yourself, and you’ve done an excellent work in bringing the case forward. 

As a result of your help, I will now have the reassurance that my house will be repaired in the next three months and I’ll have a compensation for the inconvenience and money lost during the year that we lived in other the damages in the property.

I feel like there wouldn’t have been a better way of resolving this, and you, Priyanka, have been efficient, responsive and friendly throughout the whole process, and there's nothing I would ask to have done differently. 

I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend your company and you personally to whomever goes through a similar experience! 

Miss S Hudson

I want to thank those at Barnes Solicitors, especially David M, who worked tirelessly on my case, and was able to get the repairs in my property agreed to by my council, as well as an out of court settlement of more than I could even have imagined. 

I would recommend Barnes Solicitors to anyone who has fought and fought for their housing disrepair. They were a last resort for me but believe me, it was the best decision with the best possible outcome.

Miss T J Evans

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for helping me to not only resolve my dispute with my housing association but also obtaining a good amount of compensation on my behalf. 

After a year of disrepair and constant chasing on my part it was only when you became involved that the housing people actually started to amend the situation. Your prompt and proffesional actions have saved me anymore undue stress and achieved a satisfactory result for myself and my family. I will definitely be coming to you for further assistance should I ever need help in the future.  Thankyou once again. 

Miss A Deans

The service that Eva at Barnes solicitors has provided has been thorough.  She has kept me updated during the while process. I highly recommend her services. 

Ms C Valencia

I would to thank you for your highly professional and knowledgeable service throughout the case. My family and I had no heating over months this winter, it was extremely difficult to reach the responsible person to fix the damage, however it would not have been possible to get it sorted without your help. Once again, many thanks!.

Miss T Smart

Barnes solicitors have been very helpful to me. For over 4 years I could not get my housing association to fix the damages to my flat caused by a leak from the neighbour's flat above mine. I contacted the housing association so many times to no avail. And after several emails, phone calls and  complaints which remained futile I finally gave up.

I came across a review online where Barnes solicitors had helped to resolve a similar issue like mine. I contacted them and without fail they successfully got my housing association to complete the works and even get the housing association to compensate me for all the distress they had put me through for so many years. And for leaving my bathroom/flat in a deplorable state for all these years

My case was managed by Priyanka Kumar who remained professional throughout and kept me informed throughout the whole process till the end. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal services. Thank you to the team especially Priyanka for a great job done.

Mrs S Laurel

Mrs Eva Duran 

I would like to say a big thank you for what you have done for me and my family. I couldn’t of done this with out you. I tried 9 years to sort this out , you done this so quick ,I have had no stress no fuss you have made my life so much easier.

Eve Duran you are very polite . Very easy to talk to. 

You have done amazing job!

Now I can relax and enjoy my home. 

I’m so happy that  I done the right thing to contact your company .I would recommend you to anyone